Latest Backlink Spread Details

This is based on analysis of various successful campaigns on ‘payday loans’ and other extremely competitive terms.

20% – 30% – No text/image backlinks
10% – 20% – Brand anchors
Rest are varied anchors around core keyword


Need a Head Torch?

Then get your browser down to for the latest in head torch technology. Whether it be trying to find your way out of dark nightclub when everyone else has gone home or a bit of help with your late night peeping tom activities, we have the head torch for you.


Ranking Factors


Amazon Ranking Algorithm

Is apparently… Average rating = (Positive ratings) / (Total ratings). Simples.

The Reddit Ranking Algorithm

Great article, very interesting, check it here.

In summary, to rank well, you’ll need to…

  • Receive over 100 up votes very soon after submission
  • Receive very few down votes
  • Up vote comments
  • and… pictures/imgur always do best!


Backlink Profiles

Should now be…

Exact-match anchor text: 1-5% of overall inbound link profile
Link Quantity: The more, the merrier
Link Quality: Higher PR pages and root domains are better
Link Velocity: Steady or increasing, month over month
Source anchor text matches destination content: Important
Source URL content matches destination URL content: Important
LSI anchor text: 20-30% of overall inbound link profile
Junk/universal anchors, Naked URLs, and Branded Anchors: 70+% of overall inbound link profile
Nofollow anchors: 10-20%
Thanks to Keith

Google Easter Egg

Type ‘zerg rush’ into Google for a game

Enjoy. And don’t forget to check the P4R Gaming site, where you will find the best boosters for your favorite games.

Link Explorer

This back link explorer is beat the others in terms of ease of use, date available and presentability. –


iPad HD Launches

The iPad HD launches today for the start of what will be an massive year for Apple. With near dominance in the music, phone, tablet and home computer market they are also set to launch Apple TV’s this year, big TV brands and electronics retailers must be petrified. Grab all your iPad HD Accessories from us if you’re an early adopter!